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Visionworks Television is Northern Ireland’s premier independent television production company. We have over 20 years experience in documentary, commerical and corporate video production.


Visionworks have been creating quality content for broadcasters at home and around the world for over 20 years. From news reports and documentaries in strife ridden war zones to travel and history footage in exotic hideaways. There are always great stories to be told and Visionworks will continue to tell them in the engaging, entertaining and accessible way that has become their hallmark of quality television.


For promotion, education, information or training, most organisations now realise the advantage of harnessing the power of the moving image. Gone are the boring ½ hour corporate videos where the CEO trys (but mostly fails!) to deliver a 'Paxmanesques' presentation of the exciting world of the latest widget. Clever organisations now realise the effectiveness of brevity and entertainment delivered in a well-crafted piece of business television. From a ‘how to’ manual to a well branded ‘viral’ the scope and availability of online video is now an established (and necessary) marketing tool.


We create a diverse range of TV commercials for clients throughout the UK and Ireland. Whether its trying to persuade people to waste less food , learn about the unique approach of a mutual society or even just pointing out the quality and value of a successful family business, our approach to producing effective television commercials is rigorous and defined. Good communication demands more than just simple persuasion…it creates an ongoing relationship between customer and product or service, that lasts.