• Production

    Visionworks Television Belfast offers a full service in-house video production service. We produce everything. Some films require single camera operator run and gun production shoots where time deadlines dictate quick flexible skilled camera operators. Other films require a full crew and we can put this together as well. We have researchers which will fully research your video so that the copy writer can script the narration to fit the message that you want portrayed. Once this is agreed the producer will team up with the director and select a camera crew to suit the production. Our team of directors are well versed in delivering commercials that sing and films that get yor message across. We work throughout Northern Ireland and ROI. Our camera crews have many years of local knowledge and production experience and this shows in the final film. Corporate video is a useful online marketing tool that can target potential customers and ensure they have confidence in your company and can strengthen and build your brand in a sensitive and dynamic way. Unlike other online video messaging the corporate video focuses usually on the overall business. The way you communicate with your clients is the key to success and video helps develop your message in a clear and vibrant way. You are passionate about your company and at Visionworks we are experienced at encapsulating that passion and through telling your story helping promote your message through social media or other online platforms. Companies come in all shapes and sizes and your video will reflect your organisation. Whether it includes animation, live action, or a mixture we have a full in-house team of experts that can produce a quality corporate video package. Research, Scripting, Story Boarding, Filming, Editing and final production delivery. At every stage we bring the right skills to the project. Each project is overseen by a director or producer and they make sure your message is highlighted and promoted in the way that meets your goals. Once your video is completed we can take the hassle out of hosting it online. We have an in-house web design team that can develop an online presence for you and create a bespoke branded website or microsite for you. All you do then is promote the links to your content. Even in this we have expertise in social media development and in how to optimise your content so that the maximum number of people see it. We all prefer to see video rather than read information and Visionworks Television understand this. Whether in Belfast, Northern Ireland or further afield why not give us a call and our experts can help in your corporate promotion.

  • 4K Filming

    Visionworks Television Belfast production utilizes broadcast cameras which film in 4K UHD or 1080P resolution. These cameras use the latest cinematic lenses to capture low depth of field images with beautiful Bokeh and vibrant images. We have in house directors experienced in live action video and in the production of short films and advertising commercials.

  • Sound Recording

    We have a full range of microphones and experience in recording in a wide variety of situations from promotional films to commercials and corporate live events.

  • Aerial

    We use the latest drones to create smooth cinematic footage. We film at up to 4k resolution and our footage can be viewed on the ground in realtime. We provide the services for a wide range of clients including property developers, corporate promotional videos, sports events and television commercials. We also use gimbals and tracks to ensure your corporate production delivers the visual effects and production values you require.

  • Animation

    We have a range of animators offering computer based digital animation. This CGI – computer-generated imagery can be used for visual effects and is delivered to online platforms or television stations at up to 4k resolution.

  • Editing

    As part of our in-house production service we also provide a video editing service for those that already have all or some of their footage recorded. We can then help build a corporate, promotional or online video.

    Our editing is based around Apple Final-Cut and offers a full suite of software to deliver the final video or film at the resolution required by the client. We encode to online platforms or deliver via disk or USB depending on client request. We also regularly deliver advertising commercials via Adstream to television stations. The edit suite is connected to a voiceover booth when appropriate and we have full access to online voiceover artists and music libraries.

    Whether iPad, iPhone or other mobile device we all carry around the means to film ourselves everyday. If you have the clips already filmed we are happy to work with you to edit your film and encode for upload to the internet. This can often result in a more satisfying result than just taking on the complete production yourself. In addition Visionworks can provide guidance to your company as to how best to reach the audience you want to target in your promotional video.

    Our edit suites are able to cater for all formats from 4K video to HD and provide full voiceover facilities and access to music libraries to enhance the corporate production you are creating.

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